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Come check us out this SUNDAY where you can meet us and see if the Prosperitology Church might be a good fit for you. Our heart and soul is to introduce and connect people with the living and powerful God.

What is Prosperitology?
Prosperitology is among the new denominations of the Christian faith. The Church was founded based on the need to bring the Prosperity Theology teachings back towards the word of God and away from the word of man.
Is Prosperitology a new religion?
No, Prosperitology is not a new religion. We are a Christian, bible based faith who believe in Prosperity Theology but believe that it is the faith in whom we trust our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and affirm in our hearts more than just a matter of what we say.
When are Church services?
Services are held Sunday mornings. Beginning at 10 am. As we grow more services will be held.
Where are Church Services?
We utilize several locations. We send notices out to church members each week regarding the church location. All non members are welcome too! Just look for the church flag and come on in! Many of our members were once curious passersby drawn in to our service.
What is a Pop Up Church?
A "pop up" church or "portable" church is a traditional congregation; some new some decades old, utilizing non traditional occupied spaces for regular church services. Some rent schools, movie theaters, shopping centers, etc. This church format allows the congregation to expand to multiple locations at a fraction of the cost. While others use this structure to save monies for outreach ministries.
Are you Non-Profit?
Yes, we are a A 508(c)(1)(a) tax exempt organization and donations given are tax deductible for donors.
How are donations used?
Donations are used for numerous purposes. They may be used to keep the church open. They may be used to aide in running our various ministries. They may be used to assist someone in need with financial assistance towards their education. Remember all donations are tax deductible.